Core Team

Core team members did a lot of open source contribution and blog posts. The above list indicates some of their specialties but it is not complete.

The DataEngi core-team is not bound to any single (not-)for-profit organization.

Vitalii Chyzh

Vitalii is experienced entrepreneur responsible for running all facets of the DataEngi business. He is working on PhD thesis in Information security and Wireless sensor network.


  • DataEngi CEO

Yuriy Drohobytskiy

Yuriy is a co-founder of DataEngi and software engineer with development experience in wide variety of applications including image processing, networking, PDF editing/creating, database, 3D graphics, creating and organizing SDK, writing documentation. Experience in business WEB application and WEB services development.


  • Scala expert

Dmytro Bischak

Dmytro is a co-founder of DataEngi and a software engineer who loves open source. His motto is: "If something is broken that you need and you are able to fix it, don't just talk about it. Fix it!"


  • Scala expert

Nazar Kisil

Nazar is a software engineer in Ternopil, UA.

Lightbend Certified Professional engineer with proven ability to develop efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant solutions for complex problems.

  • Scala professional

Nataliia Maiier

Nataliia is a co-founder of DataEngi. She is highly motivated business development consultant.

Vitaly Brevus

Vitaly is DataEngi co-founder and a software engineer with strong communication and organizational skills. Able to contribute to different aspects of projects thanks to diverse experience as a software engineer, DevOps engineer and management experience.