As Lightbend partner, DataEngi was invited to “Lightbend Partners Summit” on 15th of May'18 that was taking part in Berlin just right before the Scala Days conference. Our Scala experts Dmytro and Nazar had a chance to speak out on the event with presentation regarding how Lightbend products can be used in different business cases. So, three of us have packed our bags and landed in the Schönefeld Airport. Luckily, the trip was more than for one day so we had a chance to walk around the city and see all the beautiful and historical places around.

With a help of our friend who lives there (the one who took the picture above :-) ) and was our local guide through the trip we managed to visit Alexanderplatz, Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie. As well we could not miss some IT meetups so we visited a KICK OFF Open Accelerator where we were discussing how to build a strong network around the world. Also, one more thing that is worthy of attention is the Berlin public transport system. It is a very complex transportation network that provides very diverse ways of urban mobility. With a small help of “Bus and Bahn” app we managed to easily move around the city.

But let`s get back to the real cause of a trip - the Summit itself. The main speakers were Lightbend managers and at the end of the event there should be four Partner’s presentation of how the products (Rective platform and Fast Data) can be used for effective development of software solutions. Of course, there were networking sessions, coffee and snacks. The main idea that (in my opinion) the speakers wanted to convey is that Lightbend is a “product company” and selling and further support should be covered by the Partners. During performing their speeches speakers showed the professionalism, very deep knowledge of the products and belief why it is their products should be used for development. They also paid attention to the training courses that Lightbend is developing to certify their partners. The Marketing director told how Lightbend supports their Partners and how this support affects businesses of all parties of Lightbend- Partner-Consumer cooperation.

The theme of our presentation was “Fast Data Validation Using Web Scraping” about the system that works in terms of processing some specific kind of tasks that requires machine resources, data resources, distribution management. All tasks are distributed between nodes according to geographical location, loads and data needed for validation. The algorithm of choosing data for validation is complex and takes into account previous validation results. Tasks have different scenarios of execution. Afterward, the results are analyzed by different strategies and are merged by a certain algorithm. It also supports monitoring of the processes, resources etc. This solution is capable to be adopted for different verticals: e-commerce - competitor prices monitoring, recruitment - competitors analysis, leads generation and fintech - risk management and online reputation management, brands - sentiment analysis. Taking into account that it is only the second year the Lightbend arranges this kind of event, they managed to make it on a very high level.

Cover photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash